Yellowstar Solutions and Globis can now officially call themselves iSHARE Implementation Partners. Logistics companies that would like to join the iSHARE ‘network of trust’ in order to share data effortlessly would be wise to contact Globis or Yellowstar. As official iSHARE Implementation Partners, they can both perform the technical software adjustments that are necessary to become an iSHARE Participant. 

The partnerships with Yellowstar and Globis are well aligned with the iSHARE strategy of enabling every logistics company in the Netherlands to benefit from the opportunities iSHARE offers. Eefje van der Harst, iSHARE Project Manager: “We are happy with the traction iSHARE is gaining among software companies that are active in the transport and logistics sector, and of course with these first two software partners in particular. We’re currently working on an initiative to further broaden the collaboration with new and existing partners, because we believe that’s the path to full adoption. SMEs especially stand to benefit from the support offered by our software partners.”

Connecting partners

The software company Yellowstar, which has Dutch roots, provides social supply chain solutions. The firm has set itself the goal of making logistics processes predictable and transparent. To achieve that goal, it interconnects customers, suppliers and chain partners allowing them to share relevant, real-time information with one another round the clock. The iSHARE Scheme is a seamless fit with this objective.

Rianne Groffen, CCO at Yellowstar: “This revolves around sharing data with new customers and subcontractors, and iSHARE makes it possible to do so in a secure and validated way. Yellowstar has been involved in the creation of the iSHARE Scheme right from the start. At last year’s ICT & Logistiek event we presented the first live transaction together with Portbase and Ritra Cargo. iSHARE has now proven its worth. Are you ready to try it? We are here to help you.” 

Improving supply chains

Globis is committed to optimizing and improving the transparency of logistics processes with its total solutions for the logistics sector. Globis has also been involved in the development of iSHARE from the very beginning. The company echoes iSHARE’s underlying vision: everyone in the supply chain should be able to share data easily and in a controlled manner, including with new and previously unknown partners. Globis has offices in Belgium, North America and India as well as in the Netherlands.

Karel van den Berghe, CEO of Globis: “We want to make the benefits of iSHARE available to our customers as quickly as possible. We’re doing so by ‘iSHARE-ifying’ our GlobChain software platform. This gives our customers the opportunity to share data in a secure and controlled way, not only with one another but also with partners beyond our platform. Hence, various partners can work together towards optimizing the end-to-end supply network.”

Thanks to their partnership with iSHARE, Yellowstar and Globis are able to assist innovative customers in the transport and logistics sector in implementing iSHARE so that they too can benefit from the Scheme’s advantages.