Yellowstar obtained the 25th place in the top 50 list of fastest growing Dutch SMEs active in the Data Science sector, published by Florijnz Corporate Finance. Featured companies achieved both a substantial increase in turnover and hired a large number of new employees in 2019.

Selection criteria SME Data Science

In order to qualify for selection, Yellowstar had to meet various criteria such as; “services must be offered to other companies” and “the organisation was established in 2017 or earlier”. All nominated companies are ranked on 3 factors:

  1. The average growth of the balance sheet total between 2016 and 2019;
  2. The average growth in the number of employees between 2016 and 2019;
  3. The absolute number of employees in December 2019.

According to analysis, companies that are featured in the top 50 managed to achieve an average growth in turnover of 35% and an average increase in the number of employees of 34%. 

Interest in data is growing

According to the report by Florijnz, the Data Science sector has shown continued growth over the past year. The average growth amounted to 9%. Established IT entrepreneurs expect this growth to continue in the future. The greatest degree of digitisation is predicted to occur in the sectors healthcare and government. Other mentioned sectors that show potential are wholesale and retail, transport & logistics, industry and construction.

The trend shows that 87% of all consumers (Google Trends) see a growing importance in the use of data in daily business operations. For many companies, the conversion of data into useful information remains a challenge.

People believe in our mission

Rianne Groffen, CCO at Yellowstar: “An award such as this one confirms that Yellowstar is very much on the right track with its mission to make logistics chains predictable and to prevent unnecessary waste. As before, we will continue to focus on connecting, shortening and accelerating (complex) supply chains. We believe that people rather than technology should always be central to this. We devise solutions together with the customer and cater these to each specific business situation. We use standard modules and components as much as possible. Our social IT solutions allow everyone to work smarter, more efficiently and with a greater degree of enjoyment, with tangible results. Plan yourself a smile!”.