Ritra Cargo and Frankenbach wins Silver Link Award from Portbase


Portbase integration & innovation award for two of our customers. We congratulate our customers Ritra Cargo (Expedition) and Frankenbach GmbH (Hinterland) with winning the Portbase award 2015. Yellowstar is proud to be a part of this. The purpose of our software is to make logistics chain predictable. In this process the data exchange is crucial.  

Port Community Award

Portbase emerged from the Rotterdam Port Infolink (since 2002) and the Amsterdam PortNET (since 2000). The organization was founded in 2009 by the Port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The main goal of Portbase is to create a single platform that will to make logistics streams of the Dutch ports as attractive as possible. Portbase also aspires to play a key role in port logistics networks at home and abroad. For this purpose, the organization combines harbor knowledge and IT expertise to build a strong and personal collaboration.

Ritra Cargo was founded in 1988 and quickly became the logistics specialist of the Asian region. At the moment, more than 25 years later, Ritra Cargo provides logistics services worldwide. Ritra Cargo provides a complete range of logistics services in ocean freight, air freight, customs clearance, supply chain management and physical distribution, which is supported by high quality and innovative IT solutions.

Frankenbach Container Services GmbH in Mainz is freight forwarding and logistics company, specialized in intermodal container transportation and logistics services at it’s trimodal Terminal in Mainz. In 2011 Frankenbach opened a new terminal in this area, with a surface of 80.000m2, 522 meter quay length, its own railway, 5 gantry cranes, diverse reach stacker, 120 trucks and 450 chassis.