Yellowstar is introducing a new version of Star Flow Supply Chain. The upgrade is even more user-oriented to facilitate the 24/7 management of logistics chains. The MyDay dashboard has been completely revamped. This makes it very easy for all parties involved to customise the dashboard according to their own wishes. For displaying specific highlights in real-time, for example, or for making visible delays and setting required alerts. Furthermore, a newly added chatbox makes it easier to communicate with colleagues. Star Flow Supply Chain is also more intuitive and almost self-explanatory in terms of use. This makes it even more convenient for companies to connect customers and chain partners to Star Flow Supply Chain.

Result of an intensive process

Yellowstar CPO John Kaijen: “Prior to developing the new version, we listened carefully to our customers. What are their experiences with Star Flow Supply Chain? Based on the results, we started the renewal process in conjunction with them, UX designers and Yellowstar's own developers and consultants. Everyone’s creativity was put to full use during intensive sessions. Participants were invited to get out of their comfort zone and think outside the box. That was a challenge, but it is good to see the results this has yielded.”

More improvements

The new version of Star Flow Supply Chain also addresses the purchase order management module. Performance is improved through various technical enhancements. And there is more to come. For optimal control over logistics chains, Yellowstar will continue to further perfect Star Flow Supply Chain.

All innovations in Star Flow Supply Chain at a glance

  • Greater ease of use

  • New look & feel

  • More intuitive MyDay dashboard              

  • A customised dashboard for each user

  • Chatbox for communication with colleagues    

  • Easily onboard new parties

  • Improved Purchase Order Management