Sustainability is rapidly becoming more important when choosing a transport mode or product. Yellowstar makes CO2 emissions in logistics concretely measurable. Two of our chain collaboration software solutions feature the option of automated CO2 calculations. Based on that information, you can continuously improve your sustainability performance. For more and more customers, insight into logistics CO2 emissions is a prerequisite for doing business. Consumers are also more likely to want to know the carbon footprint of an item.

  • Measurement is key
  • CO2 emissions an important decision factor
  • Basis for continuous improvement
  • Prerequisite for doing business
  • Extra service to customers

Star flow intermodal: measuring co2 emissions in intermodal transport

In Star Flow Intermodal’s Transport Management System (TMS), as a rail or barge operator you calculate the CO2 emissions for the entire route completed by a container. These CO2 emissions can be linked to specific orders and communicated to the customer.


Star flow supply chain: co2 emissions per item on the shelf

Star Flow Supply Chain enables manufacturers, trading companies, retailers and 4PLs to calculate the CO2 emissions for each purchase order from the moment the goods leave the supplier to the moment they arrive at their final destination. This allows you to calculate the CO2 emissions per individual item – for example, so you can state them on an invoice or on the price tag in-store.


In partnership with BigMile

Automated CO2 calculations are available to customers thanks to Yellowstar's link with BigMile. This internationally operating company offers logistics service providers and shippers a certified platform for calculating and analysing transport-related CO2 emissions.