No-deal Brexit will lead to a large shortage of planners

You had better invest in a simple method to link systems

With the current Brexit chaos a no-deal as of October 31, 2019 seems almost inevitable. As a logistics service provider, are you ready for that scenario? The new customs regulations with the United Kingdom will mean a lot of work. Anyone operating 100 trucks a day needs 10 extra planners after a no-deal Brexit! That is if you can find them in the tight labour market. Good planners are very scarce.

A survey amongst logistics service providers shows that after a no-deal Brexit, a planner will need on average 30 minutes extra for the new customs formalities. This includes processing of all customs information in the customer’s booking, booking the transport at the ferry company, entering the required data at Portbase, etc. This would be manageable for one or a few trailers a day, but when there are more ...


Digital connector block offers a solution

Yellowstar’s Star Connect will offer the solution. This digital connector block (Enterprise Service Bus) can link any in-house system to others. With Star Connect, a logistics service provider can easily realize all the interfaces required for Brexit with the systems of customers, ferry and container terminals, customs agents, Portbase and Customs. The information is provided automatically and can be reused immediately. Once set up, the logistics service provider does not actually have to worry about it. Data flow will continue automatically. No extra planners are needed.

Fast time-to-market

Yellowstar can customize Star Connect for any company. The web-based technology ensures a fast time-to-market. If desired, Star Flow can add a logistics web portal that gives employees, customers and partners an optimal view of the chain. Everyone who is connected can adjust and optimize in real time. A no-deal Brexit is no longer a problem. Plan yourself a smile!

Yellowstar - always on the move


Blokker supply chain fully transparent with help from Yellowstar

Over a period of six months, retail chain Blokker has completely restructured its supply chain from the Far East. Using Yellowstar’s Star Flow Supply Chain, every order is now fully transparent and controllable, from the factory in China to the warehouse in Geldermalsen. Read the case study.

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Customised is the new standard!

Would you refer to your company as ‘standard’? Surely not, right?  Then why do companies settle for a standard product for their IT? Opting for a standard IT product holds many limitations. Customisation on the other hand combines the best of both worlds: a standard basis with a demand-oriented IT solution.

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Supply Chain transparency via web portal at Vonk en Co

The logistics web portal gives the customers of logistics service provider Vonk & Co continuous and real-time insight in the flow of goods. Star Flow is a portal extension which can be connected easily to existing IT systems like TMS and WMS.

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