Yellowstar-candidate: Bart Chabot

A striking candidate walks into the Yellowstar office: Bart Chabot. Frank Erftemeijer: “Good morning Bart! So you want to be our latest star?” Bart: “Yes, please! It’s my understanding that I can be myself here, although for many people that will be a little different to what they’re used to. You’re looking for creative brains, aren’t you?”

“I wanted to take a different approach to things”

Chabot – poet, writer and performer – isn’t the most obvious candidate for a job with an IT supplier, but it’s precisely his mastery of thinking out of the box that makes him so interesting. Frank Erftemeijer: “Glad you could make it, Bart!” Chabot beams and picks up on that first remark. “So you’re looking for stars, Frank?” “Yes, we’re looking for happy people who have the potential to develop. That will make them sparkle, and our clients will feel it.” Chabot nods. He gets it, and feels it reflects who he is. “So you’re creating a space for creative and motivated people. People who want to stand out, and discover things. That creativity is something I feel I have. I’ve often felt misunderstood, and that I was different to others. Many people seek out certainty and security, but I wanted to take a different approach to things. That seems to be the picture you’re painting, Frank. You’re offering a space for people who are both creative and can handle stress. That suits me.”

"You can keep a cool head, can't you"

The interview takes an interesting turn, as Chabot tries to find answers to questions of his own, and wants to satisfy his own curiosity. “Frank, what’s your life motto?” His answer is emphatic: “One plus one equals three. And as far as I’m concerned, strong collaboration always delivers a better result than the sum of the parts.” “And how well do you cope with stress?” “Possibly a bit too well!” Chabot laughs: “You won’t be collapsing from a heart attack in any case. You keep a cool head. And I totally agree, strong collaboration delivers the best result. And you have to keep cool.”

‘Have fun, but deliver results’

At the end of the interview, Frank sets him a brain teaser: “Bart, if you were to lead this company, how would you like to be perceived?” The answer came in a heartbeat: “I’d like people to know you can have lots of fun together, but that I’d still want to see tangible results. If you’ve had a bumper year, that should be reflected in the bottom line. That also brings you closer to making the step overseas. You’re there already, Frank, but my book is yet to be published there.”