Star Flow Terminal Operating System

Modular solution for inland terminals

Integral planning, time savings and cost savings

Inland terminals can use Star Flow Terminal Operating System to organise their complete logistical process, from the moment the booking is created by the client, to intermodal transport to and from the seaport, the actual terminal operation, any further transport by train or barge, the previous and subsequent transport by truck and all the way to the financial settlement. With Star Flow Terminal Operating System, inland terminals can realise truly integral planning. Every change is immediately visible in real time, making it possible to respond with the proper action – whether that involves your own terminal operations, the planning for visiting barges and trains, or arranging for the first and last mile. The web-based approach means each internal department and external party has easy access to the information that is relevant for them, at all times, and can act accordingly. This makes it possible to achieve optimal cooperation along the chain. Thanks to its modular nature, Star Flow Terminal Operating System can be adjusted to provide a bespoke solution for any inland terminal.

Star Flow TOS makes optimal integral planning possible

Flexible and optimal planning

The planning board enables planners to set up and adjust the container planning real time

Cost savings through digitization

Lower transport costs through more efficient communication between drivers and terminals

Spend 20% less time on controls

Better data means that less employees are required to support the gate-in and gate-out process

Strongly improved chain cooperation

All departments and external parties have continuous and real-time insight into all goods movements

Through visibility faster delivery times

With transparency in the chain and end-to-end visibility, delivery times are accelerated

Up to 30% time savings

Because only relevant information is shown, employees save up to 30% in time

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For whom is Star Flow Terminal Operating System intended?

Star Flow Terminal Operating System provides all inland terminals in the container sector with an integral web-based solution for organising their terminal operations – and all connected links, from end client to deepsea terminal – in an optimum fashion.

What advantage does Yellowstar's web-based approach offer?

The web-based approach of Star Flow Terminal Operating System allows external parties to easily connect, exchange information and follow the progress of their containers in real time (Track & Trace) – and therefore to optimise their own planning. Based on the central role of the inland terminal, this makes it possible to realise true cooperation throughout the chain. The use of internet technology also makes it possible to change course quickly during development, with short times-to-market.

Is Star Flow Terminal Operating System a single standard package of functionalities?

Star Flow Terminal Operating System has a modular structure. Each inland terminal can select the modules that best suit its specific needs and requirements. If desired, Yellowstar can create additional bespoke modules in order to achieve the best possible design.

How do the various links in Star Flow Terminal Operating System interact with one another?

Portals and EDI connections allow all parties, in their respective roles, to submit information, track containers in real time and make adjustments easily where needed. Drivers, for example, can use a separate application to report delays. This allows the barge or rail operator to take timely action and arrange to bring other containers to the seaport instead, ensuring the terminal will still receive the agreed-upon number of containers. Everything is interconnected. Everyone is able to work more effectively and more efficiently. Thanks to the real-time information exchange taking place underwater in Star Flow Terminal Operating System, it's possible to adjust planning details at any point. Even, for instance, when a sea-going vessel is delayed.

How does Star Flow Terminal Operating System organise the terminal process itself?

Within Star Flow Terminal Operating System, all functionalities needed for the terminal process have been integrated into the modules Gate Management, Container Management and Terminal Yard Management. At the inland terminal, these serve to direct each container to the proper stack, train, barge or truck, each and every time. An app allows the person operating the crane or reach stacker to see, right on their screen, what needs to be done with each container. The inspection of empty containers, including maintenance and repairs, is organised via the system as well.

How does Star Flow Terminal Operating System manage the intermodal traffic?

After the client creates a booking, this process is carried out (using the booking data) within the Intermodal Planning and Transport Order Management modules. Via route management, the first step is to apply clear criteria such as desired speed, costs and limiting factors to determine the best subsequent transport option: barge, rail or truck. The next step is the actual planning, in which the client can receive notifications about the train or barge that is transporting their container, Track & Trace updates and, finally, a proof of delivery. The pick-up and drop-off of the container at the client's premises can be scheduled within these modules as well.

Can Yellowstar organise hosting?

Yes, when you use the hosting services at Yellowstar, compared to a situation in which you are responsible for the Yellowstar applications hosting yourself, you experience a number of certainties and benefits. Roughly, these benefits can be subdivided into operational, financial and compliance aspects. Read the advantages of hosting in our article.

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