Star Flow Hinterland

Organizing multimodal hinterland transport

Cost saving through real-time insight from bookings to invoicing

As a logistics service provider or as a terminal responsible for hinterland transport, you can use Star Flow Hinterland to organize the planning and management of your entire multimodal chain. Via the web or EDI link you get real-time overview and control from booking to invoicing. From port to inland terminal to the customer and vice versa. Star Flow Hinterland links every booking to the required workflow, so that for all steps (be it automatically or not) the correct modalities and transports are planned. A control tower with dashboard gives every department or subcontractor in your multimodal chain real-time insight at its own level and makes continuous adjustments possible. Both by yourself and – depending on their role and assigned rights – by your chain partners. The owner of the cargo can log in, too, in order to track and call shipments from start to finish in line with trade demand and prices.

Chain insight and chain cooperation also possible in existing systems

Making chain insight possible and realizing chain cooperation is also possible without the direct replacement of your entire in-house system. Yellowstar offers a practical partial solution. Star Access facilitates customer and supplier portals, which communicate directly via Star Connect with the underlying systems for organizing multimodal transport. For example, customers and suppliers can easily make online bookings themselves, and receive and confirm transport orders, etc. But through a control tower to be arranged according to their own insights, each party can also view real-time in the system and, for example, access data. In this manner, each link is always proactive and contributes to an optimal logistical implementation. Customers get a full view of their logistics chain.


Optimal control with Star Flow Hinterland

Strongly improved chain cooperation

You and your customers have continuous and real-time insight into all goods movements

Spend 20% less time on controls

A structured overview ensures central logistics planning and insight into deviations

Transport costs savings of 10%

Through more efficient communication between logistics and other departments

Through visibility faster delivery times

With transparency in the chain and end-to-end visibility, delivery times are accelerated

Up to 30% time savings

Because only relevant information is shown, employees save up to 30% in time

Chain parties can easily connect

You decide for yourself with which logistics links you want to share and collaborate with

What customers think of Star Flow

TX Logistik
“We now have greater insight into and control over the processes and the deployments of assets like trains and trucks within the logistical chain. Star Flow sends us pro-active alerts via a personalised dashboard as soon as a threat to the planning emerges. That way, we can take immediate action.”
Distri Rail
"Distri Rail follows the cargo in its wagons in real time and can see exactly which containers are on each wagon. Any deviations are immediately noted and a notification is sent to Distri Rail via a central web-based application."



In a nutshell, what is Star Flow Hinterland?

Star Flow Hinterland supports companies in organising their multimodal hinterland transport as efficiently as possible and in the optimum management of the transport capacity they have available to them. To do this, Star Flow Hinterland relies on internet technology to connect and integrate the entire hinterland chain, so that all parties are continuously and pro-actively kept informed and therefore able to adjust course when exceptions occur. The result: both your own internal processes and those of your chair partners will improve.

For whom is Star Flow Hinterland intended?

Any party that is responsible for multimodal transport between the deepsea port and the hinterland can use Star Flow Hinterland to optimally organise their work. This includes:

  • Terminal operators;
  • Barge and rail operators;
  • Intermodal operators;
  • Road hauliers;
  • Shippers who manage the intermodal logistics themselves.

How exactly does Star Flow Hinterland organise multimodal hinterland transport?

Based on a client's booking, the Star Flow Hinterland system will apply clear criteria such as desired speed, costs and limiting factors to determine the best workflow in each case, along with the best subsequent transport option: barge, rail or truck. After that, the actual transport planning takes place. The client can choose to receive notifications on the train or barge that is carrying their container, along with Track & Trace information. This allows them to anticipate and quickly respond to any changes, such as delays at the terminal, traffic congestion or changes to the loading and discharge specifics. The client will receive a proof of delivery every time as well.

What advantages does the web-based approach of Star Flow Hinterland offer?

Shipping companies, forwarders, importers, exporters and fellow logistics service providers all stand to benefit from Star Flow Hinterland's web-based approach, which allows them to easily connect and (via the cloud) receive price quotes, arrange bookings and follow their cargo in real time. In this way, Star Flow Hinterland facilitates optimal cooperation within the chain. And because all parties have access and are able to request and submit information, much of the current telephone and email communication is rendered obsolete.  Planners will have more time to pro-actively anticipate the expected bottlenecks.

How does this cloud-based approach affect the development process?

Thanks to the web-based approach, development times are kept to a minimum and the time-to-market for Star Flow Hinterland is short. Yellowstar applies the Scrum method to take Star Flow Hinterland live, step by step and in cooperation with you.

Does Star Flow Hinterland consist of a fixed package of functionalities?

Star Flow Hinterland is modular in nature and can be structured and expanded entirely according to the client's wishes. What's more, the web-based approach makes linking to existing systems within your organisation (such as those for execution) simple and straightforward. There's no need for you to start from scratch, as it were. Star Flow Hinterland aligns seamlessly to your existing in-house systems and can be fully integrated if you so desire.

How does Star Flow Hinterland connect with the maritime transport route of a particular

Within Star Flow Hinterland, it's possible to create a link to the arrival and departure times (ETA, ATA, ETD, ATD) of container ships in the seaport. This allows you to optimally coordinate the multimodal planning of the subsequent hinterland transport.

Does Star Flow Hinterland also take care of the (potentially mandatory) pre-notification to deepsea terminals via Portbase?

The links needed to pre-notify containers and visits to deepsea terminals via Portbase are included in Star Flow Hinterland as a standard feature.

Can Yellowstar organise hosting?

Yes, when you use the hosting services at Yellowstar, compared to a situation in which you are responsible for the Yellowstar applications hosting yourself, you experience a number of certainties and benefits. Roughly, these benefits can be subdivided into operational, financial and compliance aspects. Read the advantages of hosting in our article.

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