Star Access

Logistics and Supply Chain Visibility portal

Easily acquire new customers by supplying better information

Star Access is a logistical web portal that brings together different sources of information. These are personalised and presented to your employees, customers and suppliers to enable them to adjust and optimise their processes more effectively. Internet portals increase the timeliness and accuracy of information, improve supply chain visibility and reduce everyone’s efforts because the various links are more self-reliant in the chain. With Star Access you can acquire new customers more easily because you can supply them with better information. Your customers, your customers’ customers and your suppliers can therefore optimize their logistics processes faster.


Star Access improves supply chain visibility and margins

Central insight in logistics data

Log-in only once for the desired logistics data, collected from different sources

Faster delivery times due to visibility

With transparency in the chain and end-to-end visibility, delivery times are accelerated

Greatly improved chain cooperation

By showing personalized data to employees, customers and suppliers

Easily manage exceptions

Your customers get 24/7 insight into the logistics chain and can respond immediately to bottlenecks

Enriching logistics processes

Provide better and real-time information to customers and suppliers

Transport costs savings of 10%

Because of more efficient communication between logistics and other departments

What customers think about Star Access

With Star Access we can give our customers insight into relevant processes. Everyone looks at the same information. This saves a lot of duplication, which means we can accelerate our supply chain processes and improve margins.

How Star Access works

Frequently asked questions

How does Star Access work?

Star Access is a framework to make fast a robust, reliable and scalable logistics web portal for your logistic world, based on the latest Oracle technology. To achieve this, we have the following standard functions, including;

  • Smart search functions about all of your data
  • Adjustable toolbar
  • Personalization functions
  • Favourites
  • Work process driven navigation
  • Authorization
  • Authentication
  • Integration with geographic maps
  • Document management
  • Integrated user management module (assign rights to users)
  • Integrated notification manager for sending the proactive notifications in various formats (hyperlink, PDF, CSV, XML, HTML etc.).

The Single Sign on module is supported by various authentication methods, including LDAP, Database, APEX, Oracle EBS and Custom.

Can Yellowstar organise hosting?

Yes, when you use the hosting services at Yellowstar, compared to a situation in which you are responsible for the Yellowstar applications hosting yourself, you experience a number of certainties and benefits. Roughly, these benefits can be subdivided into operational, financial and compliance aspects. Read the advantages of hosting in our article.

Which target group is Star Access for?

We make customer-specific logistics portals and apps for various target groups (logistics service providers, trade, production, retail, aviation sector and offshore) within logistics. All chain parties, from producer to consumer, have personalized access.

How does Star Access fit within the Star Suite?

Is the logistics web portal application adaptable to your own house style?

Yes, Star Access can be arranged per chain party in a different design (in accordance with house style). Wherefore the user works in a modern and familiar environment and with that has the feeling that they are working in a system. You also have the choice of modern responsive templates for different devices (smartphone, tablet or other devices).

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