Yellow Team

IT Secondment for logistics

IT secondment with in-depth domain knowledge and experience

Your sales are growing, you can see new opportunities and you are tapping into new markets. But how do you organise things at the back? IT is not your core business, but it is the key to your success. Yellow Team strengthens your organisation with technical expertise, experience and a fresh look at IT. When you use secondment for your logistics and IT staffing, you get professionals with domain knowledge who speak your language, quickly feel at home in your organisation and give your IT project a kick start.

Yellow Team brings knowledge, expertise and fresh ideas

Fresh insights

A fresh look from outside to inside

Highly-trained professionals

Secondment of professionals with domain knowledge

IT knowledge and expertise

Direct injection of IT knowledge and expertise

Process improvement

Speeds up processes and gives your IT project a kick start

Team members soon feel at home

They speak the same language

Well-attuned team

All team members work efficiently with each other

What customers think about Yellow Team

Yellow Team manages the full spectrum in the field of IT in the secondment logistics. They have the requisite knowledge and skill across the board. Our team consists of a scrum master, an engineer, a project manager, testers and 24/7 support.

How Yellow Team works

Frequently asked questions

Which professionals can Yellow Team supply?

The Yellow Team professionals are highly-trained and have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of IT. They have domain knowledge, speak your language and adapt quickly to your organisation. Yellow Team supplies consultants, scrum masters, engineers, project managers, testers and support engineers. Yellow Team can be deployed flexibly, temporarily or for a longer period.

What is the advantage of a team?

Depending on your objectives and situation, we advise you to use several experts or a team. The advantage of a team is that you can rely on a well-coordinated collective that gives your IT project a kick start. The team members complement and strengthen each other’s specialisations and competencies. You decide whether the secondment is part-time or full-time and for how long you want it, and you can always extend it in the meantime. IT Staffing is flexible.

Does Yellow Team also work with systems from third parties?

Yellow Team feels at home working with our systems and yours. And so they should, because all the products in the Star Suite are aimed at integrating other systems (such as WMS, TMS, ERP) and exchanging data so that partners in the chain can collaborate better and faster. With internet technology we can shorten, connect and speed up the chain.