IT in Logistics: from competitive to complementary

Within the market of (project) logistics, we can observe a movement with regard to underlying IT. We can see a shift from a complete ERP system to an approach consisting of ‘best-of-breed’ IT solutions for specific components of the logistic process.

The challenges of Best of Breed

This change results in a number of challenges. Besides integration with specialized solution suppliers, information sharing between (logistic) chain partners is also an important requirement.  Without integration and information sharing, gaps will arise amongst management of the complete supply chain. Continuously retyping information makes mistakes more likely. Delays can apply and information could not be available in time. Nevertheless, a lack of information causes a lack of insight, which makes it impossible to anticipate quickly and adequately.

The missing IT link in logistics

The answer to these challenges is a fully integrated solution which forms the connecting link between all internal and external applications and -partners. Our Star Flow solution integrates quickly with frequently used applications such as TMS, WMS and planning and back office systems. The solution has to offer specific functions for logistics management and has to provide the required freedom to be able to quickly and easily realize connections with new partners and applications.

Our approach

We perceive our role as information integrator as complementary rather than competitive. Our philosophy: maintain those things that you are satisfied about, and we will close your gaps by adding a layer over your current IT landscape. This is a sustainable approach with which you can protect your previous investments in supply chain management.