In addition to all the software that Yellowstar develops, we can also arrange the hosting for customers. Such a total solution means you will not need to give this a single thought. The availability is guaranteed by us beforehand by means of a clear service level agreement (SLA). Upgrades to new Oracle versions, timely security updates, 24/7 monitoring to ensure that everything works correctly, etc. consequently become a matter of course. There is no need for you to invest, set up an IT infrastructure and free up personnel. We take care of everything for you. Also for that one time when a malfunction does occur. In accordance with the agreed SLA, our Stars will solve this for you together with our hosting partner.

Our hosting partner

We have contracted Basefarm for the hosting we provide. An international player - ISO270001-certified - that combines the right know-how with flexibility. Within Basefarm, all possible organisational and technical measures have been implemented to protect privacy-sensitive data (General Data Protection Regulation). In combination with our own software development, we are thus able to truly provide a total solution with added value. 

Financially beneficial as well

By opting to host via Yellowstar, you avoid needing to invest in your own IT infrastructure and licenses. You do not have to train employees and continuously provide them with additional training. Furthermore, hosting is possible based on a growth model that adapts to your needs. You do not invest beforehand in capacity that later proves unnecessary or, conversely, soon falls short. Hosting via Yellowstar is possible via a three-year contract.

Hosting via Yellowstar means:

✔ No investments in own IT infrastructure and its management;

✔ Yellowstar software that functions optimally within your company;

✔ Continuous availability of network infrastructure, server platforms and IT security;

✔ Automatic upgrades and updates;

✔ Flexibility regarding capacity.