Advantages of hosting at Yellowstar

When using the hosting services at Yellowstar, compared to a situation in which you are responsible for hosting the Yellowstar applications, you experience a number of certainties and benefits. Roughly these can be subdivided into operational, financial and compliance-related aspects.


  • Yellowstar outsources the hosting to Basefarm. Both operational support and management on underlying software in the chain, such as Operating Systems, Web applications, Backup and Oracle databases are guaranteed. Your Yellowstar applications can thus function optimally.

  • Yellowstar takes full responsibility for keeping the underlying network infrastructure, server platforms and IT security available and up-to-date. Normally, these are cost-increasing and complex activities that are not part of your core tasks.


  • You can save on investment costs for your own IT-infrastructure and licenses by using Yellowstars' hosting services. This allows you to make a switch from a rigid CAPEX-based model with depreciation costs to a flexible OPEX-based model.


  • You can rely on the available knowledge and expertise from Basefarm. You don’t have to invest in continuously updating the knowledge of your own people (education, training, applying new technologies, etc.). The costs and hours involved in this can be effectively used for your own core business.


  • Both growth and shrinkage of your IT-infrastructure can be facilitated; this means that changes in infrastructure can be implemented based on a specific customer need. Pre-investments in capacity, such as investments only needed for the long term or investments deemed unnecessary after implementation, now belongs to the past.


  • Basefarm’s hosting services meets the requirements and conditions set in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The necessary measures have been taken, both organisationally and technically, to protect the privacy-sensitive data that they have processed on behalf of Yellowstar. 

  • Basefarm’s services are ISO 27001 certified.